Our sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy 

Key priorities

In DONG Energy we have identified our key priorities on which our sustainability strategy is based. They are: reliable and independent energy, green energy, cost-effective energy, people matter and business integrity. We believe that by pursuing these priorities we create the most long-term value to our customers, our owners and the societies that we are part of.

The first three priorities are about the energy transformation. We want to supply energy that is greener, more independent and cost-effective. People matter and business integrity are priorities that enable us to realize this vision. It is only if we have the right people on board with the right skills that we will be able to create results. This goes for our employees, but also for our partners. That is also why safety for everyone is at the top of our minds.

Last but not least, we want to continue to operate our business with high integrity in everything we do. Because it is the right thing to do and because companies with integrity are simply more healthy companies.

The priorities are the framework around our sustainability work. Each priority is supported by  a number of programmes with objectives and actions. It is through these programmes that we concretely pursue our sustainability priorities.

Collectively, the priorities and the corresponding programmes constitute DONG Energy's sustainability strategy. All programmes simultaneously create value for DONG Energy, for our owners, for our customers and the societies we are part of.
Are you curious to know what DONG Energy's employees do to pursue and live out our sustainability? Meet them here by playing the videos below.



Meet our employees

​Meet five DONG Energy employees, who every day work to develop green, independent and cost-effective energy and contribute to a customer focused and safe DONG Energy.
Watch the videos with Tina, Lita, Christian, Martin and Bronagh. They are each doing their bit.



What I do - Safety

Tina Kruse,
Contract Manager,
Group Functions

What I do - Customers service

Lita Kromann,
Customer Assistant,
Sales & Distribution

What I do - Oil & Gas

Christian Bredvig,
Production Technician,
Exploration & Production

What I do - Biomass

Martin Berner,
Machine Operator,
Thermal Power

What I do - Offshore wind

Bronagh Byrne,
Senior Environment & Consents Specialist,



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