Our sustainability policies

In our daily work, we sometimes face questions where the answer is not straightforward. Usually, this is because different interests and considerations are at stake and we need to strike the right balance. For some of these questions, we have prepared a policy to clarify our position.


In some cases, a policy is required by law. In other cases, a policy is necessary in order for our stakeholders and business partners to understand how we work, and what we expect. Finally, a policy may create a foundation for a common approach to an issue across a large company such as ours.

Below, you can read our policies.

​Sustainability commitment


​We want sustainable energy to empower people, businesses and societies to unleash their potential. This is our overarching sustainability policy.


Download our sustainability commitment



Code of Conduct for Business Partnershttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/DONG%20Energy%20-%20Code%20of%20Conduct_ENG.pdf

Our Code provides the foundation for our continuous engagement with business partners on their ethical, social, and environmental performance.

​Read the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and other Business Partnershttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



Local community engagement policyhttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/Documents/2014/Local-Community-Engagement-May-2014-EN.pdf

We recognise the value of engaging with the local communities in which we work. The policy determines the guidelines for our local community engagement.

Read our local community engagement policyhttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



Policy on Good Business Conducthttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/Policy_on_good_business_conduct_en.pdf

We must act with integrity in our business dealings. Our policy underlines zero tolerance of bribery and similar corrupt practices, fraud and other types of inappropriate business behaviour.

Read our policy for Good Business Conducthttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



Programme for Sustainable Biomass Sourcinghttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/Documents/2014/Sustainable%20Biomass%20Sourcing%20Programme%20Dec2014_UK.pdf

The policy shows how we ensure and document the sustainability of our sourced biomass.

​Read our programme for Sustainable Biomass Sourcinghttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



QHSE Policyhttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/policy_for_qhse_en.pdf

In this policy we outline how we incorporate quality, health, safety and the environment in our decisions and actions.

Read our QHSE policyhttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



Stakeholder engagement policyhttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Sustainability/Stakeholder_Engagement_Policy.pdf

We work to serve the needs of our customers and the societies we are part of. The policy outlines the principles behind our stakeholder dialogue.

Read our stakeholder engagement policy
DONG Energy's advocacy memberships



Tax policyhttp://assets.dongenergy.com/DONGEnergyDocuments/com/Responsibility/Documents/2014/DONG_Energy_Tax_Policy_EN.pdf

A responsible approach to tax is essential to the long-term sustainability of our business. Our tax policy sets forward the principles by which we manage our tax affairs.

​Read our tax policyhttp://authoring.dongenergy.com