Our sustainability governance


At DONG Energy, responsibility for our sustainability performance lies with the business at the relevant levels of the organisation, with the Board of Directors as the highest authority. Sustainability programmes are at the core of our sustainability governance.


We currently have 20 sustainability programmes that address the ­material issues we have identified in our ongoing engagement with stakeholders. We have defined individual owners of our sustainability programmes, either in the business units or in our Group functions. Owners have the responsibility of ensuring progress and reporting on the sustainability programmes.


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​Each year, we review whether the sustainability programmes still adequately address our material issues. When they do not, we establish new programmes or update existing programmes. Where possible and relevant, our sustainability programmes consist of policies and procedures, ­performance indicators and targets and due diligence actions.


Our Sustainability Committee oversees that we live up to our Sustainability Commitment and monitors the progress of our programmes through continuous reporting. The first full year of meetings for the Committee was in 2016, following its establishment in 2015.


In a continuous effort to strengthen our sustainability reporting, our independent Internal Audit function has, in 2016, audited selected programmes and assessed our sustainability risk identification process. The conclusion was that our processes and controls are sufficient to ensure that the examined sets of programmes are measured and recognised in accordance with the applied accounting practice.




​Our policies




Business modelhttp://www.dongenergy.com/en/sustainability/governance/business-model​Our business modelhttp://authoring.dongenergy.com



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