Just like energy, our working life must be sustainable too. As a workplace, we must create the framework for a sustainable working life, giving our employees the satisfaction and surplus energy to lead good lives and to spend time with their friends and families.


A limitless working life

Working life is changing. Today, many of us can take work home because it is in our heads, in our smartphones and on our laptops. Our tasks are often continuously evolving, and so it is difficult to sense when good is good enough. We are hard-pressed in constantly changing organisations. And we set high standards for ourselves. As a society, we have only recently begun to understand the implications of these developments for the well-being of individuals – and what it takes to create the right framework for a sustainable working life.



A sustainable working environment is very important. People who thrive at work are happier and have more energy to lead good lives and to be present with their family and friends. For companies, this means that the employees stay longer in their jobs, are less absent and create better results. Companies with a good working environment achieve better financial results. Conversely, a poor working environment can lead to anxiety, poor health and stress for individual employees. For employers, this means increased absence, poor retention and a inferior results.


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What we doWhat we do

At DONG Energy, we continuously strive to create a sustainable working life through three programmes.

  • Performance and development: We strive to give our employees opportunities for both professional and personal development. We believe that performance and well-being go hand in hand, and so we focus on good management and an appreciative culture.

  • Employee satisfaction and motivation: We strive to build a good and healthy working environment. We focus on the areas that we know are most important for our employees' job satisfaction. Our structured follow-up process supports that we make continuous progress.

  • Employee health and well-being: We offer our employees healthy food, exercise opportunities and advice on mental balance and sleep.

Our annual employee survey shows that our efforts have a positive effect. For example, our employees rate their immediate managers and collaboration with colleagues considerably higher compared to the averages for companies in the countries where we operate. The share of employees who have experienced stress is also lower than the Danish average. This is a strong starting point. But we can do even better. We do not have all the answers to the question of how to create a sustainable working life. Far from it. We want to build on our experience and develop and test new ideas together with others who also see this as the way to go.

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Cases on sustainable worklife



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