Close partnerships for savings

Through our more than 80 climate partnerships, we work with Danish companies to help them reduce their energy consumption. One climate partner that has achieved particularly good results is the biotech company Novozymes.

Novozymes has been our climate partner since 2008. Compared to back then, today Novozymes is saving more than 200 million kWh annually – the equivalent of around 60,000 Danish households' annual power consumption. At the same time, the company has reduced their CO2 emissions by 237,000 tonnes.


"The climate partnership gives us the specific energy-saving solutions we need to realise our CO2 targets. We get access to competences that enable us to identify and implement energy projects much faster than would otherwise have been possible," says Kent Mølsted, Environmental Manager, Novozymes.


But the CO2 savings were not the only savings. The average payback period of these projects is only 2.5 years, which has led to substantial annual cost savings for Novozymes. The energy-saving potential is great, and most companies can reduce both their carbon footprint and their energy bill by implementing energy-saving projects, for example by installing new lighting solutions, through heat recovery and the installation of power and heat stations on a miniature scale.


"We experience that many companies focus on implementing energy-saving projects. However, for some, it may be difficult to prioritize it enough," explains Palle Yde Poulsen, Head of Energy Solutions in Distribution & Customer Solutions, adding:


"It is our task to help our business partners achieve energy savings. Together with the company, we work to identify the potential savings and in that regard any obstacles to implementing the specific saving initiatives. Together, we find the solutions, prioritise them and launch the most attractive projects."


In 2017, we will continue our energy-saving initiatives with our partners. We also see good opportunities to strengthen the cooperation with existing climate partners around their activities outside Denmark.

Published on February 2nd, 2017



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The climate partnership gives us the specific energy-saving solutions we need to realise our CO2 targets”


Kent Mølsted, Environmental Manager, Novozymes

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