We are building the world's largest offshore wind farm off the coast of the UK. Photo: DONG Energy

An offshore wind farm the size of Malta

​Published on May 25th, 2016

​We are pushing the boundaries of the offshore wind industry by building the largest wind farm the world has ever seen. 

These years, the world is picking up on the fight against global warming and investing in more renewable energy capacity than ever before. In pace with this green transformation, impressive pieces of cleantech engineering see the light of the day; major wind farms, massive solar panels and intelligent waste-to-energy plants, just to mention a few. In line with these pieces of engineering is the forthcoming offshore windfarm; Hornsea Project One. 

Clean power for 1M UK homes
Hornsea Project One is a record-breaker. When finalized Hornsea Project One will be the largest offshore wind farm the world has ever seen taking up an area larger than Malta. 

The windfarm will be located 120 kilometres off the coast of the UK and we have already kicked of the construction. When the project is complete in 2020, the 174 wind turbines will have a total capacity of 1.2GW – enough capacity to supply well over one million UK homes with green, clean power.

Our CEO Henrik Poulsen says about the latest addition to the company's offshore windfarm family: "We are excited about building this huge wind farm and pushing the boundaries of the offshore wind industry. Our UK windfarms, Hornsea, Race Bank, Westermost Rough and Lincs, will together form a giant production area off the British east coast, supporting our efforts to deliver green and independent energy to society."

Even bigger plans for the future
The Hornsea Project One is just the beginning. The project is part of the major Hornsea Zone where we have obtained the project rights to further three projects; Hornsea Project Two, Three and Four.

If the entire Hornsea Zone is realised and occupied with spinning turbines the whole Hornsea wind farm will span an area more than twice the size of Greater London. The capacity will reach around 4GW and meet the annual electricity needs of around four million UK homes.

A world with 100% green energy
Hornsea Project One will be the final stage for us in terms of delivering on our strategic target; 6.5GW installed offshore wind by 2020. Already today, we have built 3GW offshore wind, which corresponds to as much as a quarter of the global offshore wind capacity.

CEO Henrik Poulsen elaborates on our company's green efforts:

"We want to contribute to creating a world with 100% green energy and in order to get there, green energy must become cheaper than black", and Henrik Poulsen continues: "reaching our strategic target for offshore wind is important as volume is required to reduce the cost of a new technology. Hornsea will be another major step in our ongoing efforts to significantly reduce the cost of electricity from offshore wind."

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