Our green transformation in figures

10 years ago, six Danish energy companies joined forces and created DONG Energy. This year we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary.

We want to contribute to creating a world with 100% green energy. That is why we have spent the past decade on the transformation from black to green energy. We are not quite there yet. But we are well on our way.

Here you can explore our story in figures.

Greener energy for millions of people

We build offshore wind farms in Europe and replace coal with sustainable biomass at our power stations. The result is greener power and heat for millions of people.

Green energy share
Energy sources

Our customers get increasingly clean energy

When we produce more green energy, we emit less CO2. In Denmark, we accounted for more than half of the country's CO2 reduction from 2006 to 2014.

Our CO2 reduction
Our CO2 reduction in Denmark

Transformation to green energy must be swift

We are cutting our CO2 emissions faster than most of the other energy companies with which we usually compare ourselves1

To become the natural choice, green energy must be cheaper than black

If green energy is cheaper than black, it will become the natural choice and boost the green transformation for good. Onshore wind is already cheaper than oil, natural gas and coal. Offshore wind must follow the same path. Green energy from offshore wind must become cheaper than black energy from fossil fuels within a decade. Together with the rest of the industry, we work determinedly to make this happen. And we are well on the way.

More green energy for the Danes, Germans and Brits

We have Danish roots, but today we help several countries transform their energy from black to green. Especially in the UK and Germany, we build and run offshore wind farms. Therefore, we have an increasing number of employees in these countries. We have also opened offices in the US and in Taiwan where we have plans to build offshore wind farms.

A safe workplace

Sustainability is a lot more than transitioning to green energy. It is also a matter of taking good care of the employees and suppliers, kindly lent to us by their families, working at our sites. Year over year, we improve safety because we want to transition to sustainable energy in a safe way2

Responsible business partners

We have 25,000 business partners around the globe. Sustainability also means that our business partners comply with international standards for human and labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.


We continuously work to help our partners to comply with the standards. We perform analyses and assessments of our partners and demand that they improve on certain aspects where necessary.


On the map, you can see the business partners subject to our assessment in 2015.

​1: As Vattenfall does not use the same unit of measure as the other companies in the figure, its 2020 target for CO2 reduction is not included in this figure. Read more about these numbers in our sustainability report, page 31.


2: LTIF (lost time injury frequency) is the number of accidents resulting in absence of one day or more per million working hours. The figure includes both DONG Energy employees and contractor employees working at locations or on sites either owned or operated by DONG Energy.