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Reliable energy

Many power stations in Europe are ageing and will reach the end of their lifetimes within the next two decades. Europe must therefore focus its efforts on renewing its energy supply. As we in DONG Energy construct offshore wind farms and convert our power stations from coal and gas to sustainable biomass, we contribute to society’s transition from black to green energy while we maintain a high security of supply for our customers.


While society transitions from black to green energy, oil and gas keep the wheels turning and contribute to financing the green transformation.





Deployment of offshore wind

​We help Europe transition to a greener society by constructing offshore wind farms. In this way, we can supply more and more Europeans with clean and reliable power.

By 2020, our target is to have installed 6.5GW offshore wind. That is enough green power for 16 million Europeans.

Today, we have constructed 3GW offshore wind. That corresponds to the annual power consumption of 7.5 million Europeans. 

Read more about 'Reliable energy' in our sustainability report

Reducing the cost of offshore wind

​We will reduce the cost of offshore wind to make the technology competitive with fossil energy sources. We have a standard model for offshore wind farms, which also ensures that we have access to competitive suppliers of quality products.

Compared with 2012, we will reduce costs by 35-40% for offshore wind farm projects subject to final investment decisions in 2020.

Read more about 'Reliable energy' in our sustainability report

Greener power stations

​We convert our power stations to sustainable biomass instead of coal and gas, so that we can provide even more customers with green electricity and heating. Biomass is a cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and supplement electricity generation from offshore wind when the wind is low.

We are increasing the share of sustainable biomass at our power stations. By 2020, our target is that at least 60% of the power and heat produced at our power stations should be from sustainable biomass.

Read more about 'Reliable energy' in our sustainability report

Modernising the grid

​In order to minimise power cuts and ensure a reliable supply of energy, we monitor and maintain 20,000 kilometres of power cables in Denmark.

Our target is to make sure that our customers do not experience more power cuts than the average Danish electricity customer.

In 2015, we had 0.35 power cuts per electricity customer. In comparison, the latest available Danish average was 0.40 power cuts per customer in 2014.

Read more about 'Reliable energy' in our sustainability report

Customer satisfaction

​Satisfied customers are loyal customers. We help our customers to reduce their energy bill and make the bill itself easier to understand, as this is important to customer satisfaction.

We want our Danish customers to experience DONG Energy positively when they are in contact with us.

In 2015, we maintained our 2020 target level for business customers. We set a new target for private customers in 2015 due to a changed calculation method (see note 9.2 in the annual report). We are two points from this target.

Read more about 'Reliable energy' in our sustainability report

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