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People matter

As an energy company, many of our employees will work with large structures and machines – sometimes at sea where strong forces of nature are at play. For us it is vital that we ensure that everyone returns home safely every day.


We focus on maintaining a healthy and diverse working environment at DONG Energy that motivates and helps our employees to develop their competences.




Workplace safety

Safety must be an integral part of our work. We strive to strengthen the safety culture in all areas of our business

Our target is an LTIF* of less than 1.5 by 2020.

We are on the right track with a continuous reduction of the injury frequency since 2006. In 2015, we had an LTIF of 1.8 with two thirds of accidents among contractors.

*Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) and is the number of accidents resulting in absence of one day or more per million working hours. The figure includes both DONG Energy employees and contractor employees working on sites either owned or operated by DONG Energy.

LTIF target 2020

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Employee health

We support our employees' energy and well-being by offering a range of health initiatives within our four focus areas: Exercise, nutrition, sleep and mental balance.

We want our employees to be satisfied with the health initiatives. Our target for 2017 is for our health initiatives to receive a satisfaction score of 80 out of 100 in the annual employee survey.

The health initiatives were launched in 2015 and received a score of 76.

2017 target for health initiatives for employees

Read more about 'People matter' in our sustainability report

Performance and development

​We aim to attract, develop and retain the best employees. Therefore, we have firm processes that support our employees' performance and development.

We want all employees to have an annual performance and development dialogue (PDD) with their manager.

In 2015, 96% of our employees had a PDD. Employees who have not been employed for a period of 12 months and therefore have not yet had a PDD are not included.

2020 target for employees development

Read more about 'People matter' in our sustainability report

Employee satisfaction and motivation

​We measure our employees' satisfaction and motivation in an annual employee survey. Each department will follow up on the survey results through joint action plans and individual development dialogues.

By 2020, our target is to achieve a score of 77 out of 100 on employee satisfaction and motivation in our annual employee survey.

In 2015, the score was 74 which is two points higher than in 2014. The positive development is primarily linked to our employees' high ratings of their immediate managers and an improved perception of DONG Energy's reputation among employees.

2020 target for employee satisfaction

Read more about 'People matter' in our sustainability report

Employee diversity

We want to have a trusting, informal and diverse working environment. Therefore, we focus on recruiting broadly and giving all current and future employees equal opportunities to develop in the organisation.

We have set targets for women in management.

In 2015, we achieved equal representation of women and men in the Board of Directors.

2020 target for women in management

Read more about 'People matter' in our sustainability report

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