How we develop sustainability programmes

​As a company, we have both positive and negative impacts on society. Ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders gives us insight into the various impacts and their implications for what is expected of us as a company. This helps us define the sustainability issues that are important to us and to society. Through our sustainability programmes, we work systematically to address the risks and opportunities that the sustainability issues hold.

Dialogue gives us insight

Ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders is key to staying abreast of developments in society and in what our stakeholders expect of us. Dialogue enhances our understanding of how we influence society and of developments in the framework for producing, supplying and trading energy.


In our daily work, we gain insight into the expectations of our stakeholders through one-on-one meetings, roundtable discussions, public events, social media and research. Some of the topics we discuss with our stakeholders are:


•   Customers: Our customers' satisfaction with the products and services we provide.

•   Employees: How we can ensure that DONG Energy continues to be an attractive place to work.

•   Trade organisations: The green transformation of the energy industry.

•   Politicians: Support of the green transformation through our activities.

•   NGOs: How to document the sustainability of the biomass we use at our power stations.

•   Trade unions: How we ensure that the work at our Danish construction sites is carried out under Danish salary and working conditions.

•   Authorities: How legislation and regulation can support suitable development of the energy industry.

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From sustainability issues to programmes

We use the insight provided by our stakeholders to prepare a bi-annual status of risks and opportunities of major significance both to society and to us. We call them sustainability issues. This overview enables us to decide how to address each issue with due diligence. We take a systematic approach to the material issues through our sustainability programmes.

We determine the significance of each issue by means of a qualitative assessment of the extent and weight of the impacts. We place each issue on a scale from 1 to 10 with two dimensions:


•   Attention from stakeholders: To which degree is the issue on the agenda in our dialogue with stakeholders?


•   Importance to DONG Energy: To which degree is the issue relevant to our strategy and activities?


Attention from stakeholders is used as a proxy for the degree to which the issue holds risks of negative impacts on the environment, climate, social conditions, employee conditions, human rights, anti-corruption and bribery. We rank the issues in a matrix by score. If the score is more than 5 on both axes, the issue is important enough to merit a sustainability programme. The programmes provide a systematic framework for mitigating risks and developing opportunities. A programme may, for example, contribute to expanding a market, strengthening the robustness of the business or protecting the environment.


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