CEO Henrik Poulsen

Green energy must be cheaper than black energy

We want to contribute to creating a world with 100% independent, green energy. A world where people have a good and healthy life, and opportunities to develop without having to worry about their energy consumption damaging the planet. In order to get there, green energy needs to be cheaper than black energy, so that the sustainable solution is the natural and rational choice.


Offshore wind needs a lower cost
Today, power generated by onshore wind turbines is cheaper than power generated by coal-fired and gas-fired power stations. Our objective is that offshore wind should follow the same development. Within the next decade, we aim to make green energy from offshore wind cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives, when taking into account the cost of climate-damaging effects of CO2 emissions. We are therefore encouraged that COP21 resulted in a politically binding agreement, setting a common, global direction for continued green transformation and reduction of CO2 emissions.


Our strategic direction
Our mission is to develop and enable energy systems that are green, independent and economically viable by deploying offshore wind, converting our power stations to sustainable biomass, and helping our customers obtain higher energy efficiency. We have strong competences within these areas, and we use them to create value and help make society greener. While we transition to green energy, we continue to produce oil and gas to supply society with the energy it needs. This also decreases Europe’s dependence on fossil fuel imports.



We go to work every day to contribute to preserving a habitable planet with a well-functioning ecosystem for the benefit of future generations. The human and financial costs of CO2 emissions are already serious. Action, innovation and scalable solutions are necessary. We would like to contribute to this.


Henrik Poulsen,
CEO, DONG Energy 


"We go to work every day to contribute to preserving a habitable planet"


CEO, Henrik Poulsen



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