Anholt Offshore Wind Farm

In 2012 and 2013, DONG Energy constructed Denmark's, at the time, largest offshore wind farm off the north-eastern coast of Jutland, between Djursland and the island of Anholt.


Anholt Offshore Wind Farm consists of 111 wind turbines and with a total capacity of 400MW, it provides four per cent of the total electricity consumption in Denmark, corresponding to more than 400,000 Danish households, using CO2-free power.


The offshore wind farm was built according to tried and tested principles drawing on DONG Energy's comprehensive experience. Siemens Wind Power, with production facilities in Brande and Aalborg, supplied the wind turbines, MT Højgaard supplied the foundations and Nexans supplied the cables connecting the wind turbines to the substation.


Construction works commenced at the turn of the year 2011/2012 and involved a number of special vessels and employees operating in and around the area. On New Year's Eve 2011, the first monopile was driven into the seabed, and after an installation period comprising two winters and one summer, the last of the 111 wind turbines at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm was connected to the grid on 19 June 2013.



The wind farm is approximately 20km long and 5km wide and covers an area equivalent to four times the island of Anholt, and it was probably the largest construction project in Denmark in more ways than one. More than 100 vessels were used, and more than 3,000 people worked offshore during the construction of the wind farm.


The offshore wind farm has now been handed over to the 70-strong team of workers in the operation and maintenance organisation, working out of the two converted cold stores in the Port of Grenaa. This organisation will service and maintain the wind farm's 111 wind turbines over the course of its lifetime.


The prevailing wind direction in the area is west-south-west. To make the very most of this condition, the geometric layout of the wind farm was designed to position the turbines so as to ensure the greatest possible exposure to the wind. This ensures that Anholt Offshore Wind Farm produces as much as possible, meaning that it also provides the largest possible contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Film about Anholt Offshore Wind Farm
Throughout the entire construction period, a camera crew followed the works at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm. The result is a 22-minute long footage. The film gives a small insight into the many and extensive activities which have taken place in and around the Kattegat.

Anholt Offshore Wind Farm was constructed under heavy time constraints. Only three years elapsed from the award of the licence to the entire wind farm was operational. The installation took place during two winters and one summer, and the weather conditions put pressure on materials and crew.

Anholt animation
Watch the animation, showing step by step how Anholt Offshore Wind Farm was constructed. The animation was made before the construction activities started and lasts for approximately 8 minutes.