Our partnership model


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A joint effort will make wind power a long term competitive energy ressource



Our partnership modelOur partnership model

We have a unique partnership model that contributes to developing the offshore wind industry by attracting financial partners. Entering into partnerships is an essential part of our business model in order to ensure financing for further development of the offshore wind industry.

  • Our partnership model contributes to the further development of offshore wind energy

  • Our extensive track record, our commitment to offshore wind energy and a unique risk sharing model are key elements in our partnership model

Our objective is that, by 2040, we have reduced CO2 emissions from our electricity and heat generation by 85 % relative to emissions in 2006. In order to ensure sufficient financing for our ambitious goal, DONG Energy is putting great focus on partnerships with financial investors. Based on our unique partnership model, DONG Energy has been able to attract partners ranging from Danish and international pension funds to large industrial players like Danish Kirkbi or Japanese Marubeni for our offshore wind projects.

For all of our partners, confidence in their investments has been based on three major pillars:

  • Our extensive track-record in development, construction and operation of large offshore wind farms

  • Our commitment to a long-term partnership where we take a major stake in the project

  • A unique risk sharing model which allows the investor to only share the risks they are comfortable with.

The combination of those three key elements has made it possible to attract significant funds for the offshore wind build-out in today's financial markets.

A greener future

There is a clear interest from potential investors in being involved in the development of offshore wind energy. Together our joint effort will help bring down Cost of Electricity and make wind power a long term competitive energy resource.




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