Virtual Power Plant-auctions

​DONG Energy Thermal Power no longer arrange Virtual Power Plant (VPP) auctions. The last auction took place 06 May 2014. The discontinuing of the VPP auction was a consequence of the 28 May 2014 decision by the Danish Competition Council to terminate the VPP obligation towards DONG Energy.


The decision had immediate effect which meant all future VPP actions was cancelled. The existing products sold at held auctions will last until the end of delivery of the specific product. Contract owners of these products must continue the daily nominations.

Please refer to the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s homepage and press release for more details on the decision.


Press release

 Thank you

DONG Energy would like to thank all participants in the 35 auctions during the past 9 years - from the first auction the 22nd November 2005 till the last auction 6th May 2014.