Thermal power generation

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We are working to reduce CO2 emissions



Thermal power generationThermal power generation

Bioenergy & Thermal Power has some of the world's most efficient power stations. The combination of heat and electricity provides an efficiency ratio of approximately 72 %. And while focussing on delivering clean and stable energy, we work to replace coal with biomass.

  • Efficient power stations with a utilization rate of approximately 72%

  • Focus on reducing CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production

  • We use biomass in the form of straw, wood pellets and wood chips

Production of electricity

Bioenergy & Thermal Power's thermal electricity production derives from our nine central power stations and one waste-fired station. Our central power stations have a capacity of about 3400 MW. The majority of our stations combines electricity and heat production, so the utilisation of the fuel reaches approximately 72 %. DONG Energy's remaining power generation comes mainly from offshore wind farms. 

The fuel in electricity and heat production

We produce electricity and heating using among other things, coal, natural gas, oil, waste and biomass. We will provide clean and reliable energy, and therefore we are working to reduce CO2 emissions per kilowatt hour from electricity and heating production at our stations. This means that in the years to come, we will increase the use of biomass as a replacement for coal and natural gas. 

The benefits of increased use of biomass

Wood pellets can replace coal, while straw can supplement coal. Bioenergy & Thermal Power expects to replace about 1 million tonnes of coal with approx. 1.5 million tonnes of wood pellets at Avedøre and Studstrup power stations. The changes will lead to saving of 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Biomass replaces coal

Bioenergy & Thermal Power was among the first to establish biomass-fired power stations. Biomass is considered to be a CO2-neutral fuel because it emits the same amount of CO2 from burning, which it absorbed during growth. We have long used residues from forestry and agriculture in a number of our power stations. Our power stations use primarily residues in the form of straw, wood pellets and wood chips.




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Our vision is to lead the energy transformation by supplying reliable energy that is green, independent and cost-effective

​How we strive to lead the energy transformation



Facts about DONG Energy

DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. We are headquartered in Denmark.

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