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We provide energy for your daily lifeWe provide energy for your daily life

​Energy is a prerequisite for modern society, and we are dependent on many different energy sources each day. Virtually everything we do – from when we get up in the morning to when we go to bed at night – requires energy: energy for activities at home, at work, for transportation and for our leisure activities.

Energy sources for many purposes​

We are aware of a part of our energy consumption – especially of the energy coming out of the socket which makes our electrical appliances function, and of the energy used for heating our homes. But we may not consciously think about the fact that we also need energy for the production and manufacture of many of our everyday products. Products such as glasses, computers, plastic bottles, mobile phones, clothes, shoes and medical equipment are dependent on oil in their manufacture.

Green, independent and cost-effective energy

DONG Energy is working hard to provide more energy while reducing CO2 emissions from traditional energy production. We are converting the energy system to a more renewable and sustainable energy. We do this by introducing more offshore wind power and by increasing the use of biomass at our power stations.




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​In the period 2012-2020, we intend to quadruple the installed capacity within offshore wind power. In 2020, this will equal the annual electricity consumption of 15 million Europeans.

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​Half of the electricity and heating production at our Danish power stations must be based on biomass in 2020.

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The target is to quadruple our Danish customers' energy savings from 2012 to 2020. In 2020, these savings will equal the electricity and heating consumption of more than 550,000 Danes.

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