Become the 'mouthpiece' of the customers

23.10.2014 09:00

​Now, DONG Energy grid company customers can stand for election to the Board of Directors.




The grid company DONG Energy Eldistribution urges interested candidates among its consumers to stand for election to the Board of Directors. Three consumer representatives are to be elected to the Board of Directors which includes a total of seven board members. The consumer representatives will join the Board on equal terms with the other members.
Knud Pedersen, Vice President, DONG Energy Eldistribution, said: "So it's possible to gain influence and impact the decisions that are related to the operational and financial aspects of the grid or some of the many other tasks which lie within the grid company's area of responsibility."
The candidature for the election will take place from 27 October to 12 December 2014. The actual election will be held from 12 January to 9 February 2015.
On the site (in Danish),  you will find more details about the election, how to stand for election and the various time frames. If you would like further information, please contact DONG Energy Eldistribution on +45 72 10 37 00 or email