Further development of DONG Energy as a leading green energy company

The IPO is to support the continued development of DONG Energy as a leading green energy company.


DONG Energy is far advanced in transforming from the coal-intensive Danish energy supply utility it used to be, into the global leader in the field of green, independent and cost effective energy it aims to be in the future.


The IPO marked yet another milestone in this development. It allows existing investors to trade their shares on the stock exchange and allow new investors to invest in DONG Energy. Furthermore, it enables DONG Energy to attract more capital directly from the equity capital markets – should that prove necessary in the future.


From a strategic perspective, DONG Energy continues to follow the course that was mapped out in 2013, when the company's 2020-strategy was announced. We are currently world leaders in the areas of offshore wind energy and biomass. We have erected one third of all the wind turbines that have been established in offshore farms, and in February 2016 we decided to build the British Hornsea One , which will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world once completed.


In other words, DONG Energy is committed to continuing to develop its world-leading position in the area of offshore wind power.


As regards to biomass, we are progressively phasing in sustainable biomass as a replacement for coal and gas at our power plants. At the same time, we are pioneers in the development of new technology for transforming waste into biogas, which can be assimilated into the natural gas network.


Moreover, we produce oil and gas from the Danish, Norwegian and British areas of the North Sea. And finally, we are firmly deployed in the Danish energy market as Denmark's biggest supply utility. We keep around one million Danes supplied with electricity and gas.