DONG Energy IPO backed by broad majority

The decision to launch an IPO of DONG Energy has broad backing in the Danish parliament. The Danish Government (Venstre), the Conservatives, the Social Democrats, the Social Liberal Party and the Socialist People's Party all support the agreement, whose roots can be traced back to 2004.
The plan to list DONG Energy is not new. As early as 2004, the principle decision was taken by a majority in the Danish parliament comprising the Liberal-Conservative Government at that time, as well as the Danish People's Party, the Social Liberal Party, the Social Democrats, and the Socialist People's Party.


However, the IPO plans had to be postponed in 2008 due to the global financial crisis.


The same parties – with the exception of the Danish People's Party – backed the decision taken in September 2015, that led to the actual listing 9 June 2016. 


The parties behind the plan have agreed that the state is to retain its majority shareholding in DONG Energy until at least 2020. The state's ownership interest can subsequently only be changed with the unanimous approval of all the parties behind the agreement.