DONG Energy to maintain its relationship with customers

The IPO will have only minor impact on the numerous Danish households that receive their electricity, heating and/or gas supplies from DONG Energy.


One million Danes purchase gas and electricity from DONG Energy, and we also supply district heating corresponding to the demand in one third of the population.


The IPO will not change this. Customers will still be free to choose their supplier.


Our customers will still have their invoices issued by DONG Energy, and we will be keeping our head office in Denmark. Furthermore, the Danish state will, according to the political agreement, remain the majority shareholder in the company following the IPO, retaining more than 50% of the shares


DONG Energy's strategy of transforming from a supply company whose power production is primarily based on coal, into a green energy company with a leading global position in the fields of offshore wind power and biomass will continue unchanged after the IPO.