Exercise is raising money for fundraising event

24.01.2017 10:25
​Cycling, running or a daily walk. Being an employee in DONG Energy equals raising money for the fundraising event 'Danmarks Indsamling'


This year, the annual fundraising event 'Danmarks Indsamling' is helping starving children around the world. At DONG Energy, employees can take part in the fundraising by exercising and donating their energy – so to speak. And it is easy to challenge colleagues to do the same.
On the background for the initiative, Hanne Blume, Vice President, People & Development, says:

‘The 'Danmarks Indsamling' is a deserving cause to support, so it's very natural for us to be involved. Our employees have various opportunities to contribute, and we have dedicated employees who walk around at our locations carrying collecting boxes." 


“The idea of movement as a means of fundraising comes from DONG Energy's health strategy," says Hanne Blume, and she elaborates:

"We focus on dietary habits, good sleep, mental balance and, of course, exercise. These are elements of a good working life, and now we're combining them with raising money for a good cause. Motivation is high, and we now have one week to reach our goal of DKK 150,000 – a goal we must achieve."