Environmental award for wastewater project

​80% of the 'wastewater' (surface water) lead from Nybro to Varde's purification plant was clean water. Therefore, until now the purification plant has been unnecessarily strained and too much energy has been used on 'cleaning clean water'. In future, this will change thanks to new thinking and an innovative cost savings project.

Today, the wastewater discharge to the purification plant has been reduced by 89%. This reduction results in major financial operational advantages and significant energy savings for the purification plant. The positive results have been achieved in connection with a wastewater project which was initiated by the employees at the Nybro gas treatment plant in 2011. The annual energy savings correspond to an emission of seven tonnes CO2 or the annual electricity consumption of 2.5 households (4 persons).

"The project has more than fulfilled our expectations, and we hope that this model will be used by other companies to help avoid unnecessary adverse impact on the environment," said Henrik Bay, Manager at Nybro gas treatment plant.

The surface water was previously defined as 'wastewater', but through dialogue with the authorities and the introduction of new procedures for water management, it is now possible to lead the water directly to the recipient* instead of to the purification plant.

In connection with the presentation of the environmental award, GREENET emphasised that Nybro gas treatment plant is:
  • at the forefront of the development in the environmental field
  • an active player and committed to the environmental work in the region
  • continuously working on preventing pollution and reducing resource consumption.
*in wastewater terminology, recipient means sea, streams, percolation, etc.