Egetæpper is among the world leaders in climate-friendly carpets

08.01.2014 00:00
DONG Energy is helping the Danish carpet manufacturer Egetæpper develop and realise ambitious climate strategies through a climate partnership.
From 2010 to 2012, Egetæpper's CO2 emission has been reduced by 4,500 tonnes. At the same time, the carpet manufacturer's energy consumption has been reduced by approximately two million kilowatt hours. The above is the result of a fruitful cooperation with DONG Energy. ”Our objective is to put focus on climate strategy, achieve further energy savings and communicate about our climate efforts to a greater extent. "DONG Energy is assisting us in structuring our efforts even further so that we ensure continuous focus and progress in the climate partnership," said Jan Ladefoged, Quality and Environmental Manager in Egetæpper.

This positive result means that the carpet manufacturer's targets have been achieved one year ahead of schedule, and Egetæpper is now setting new ambitious targets for energy and CO2 reductions in cooperation with DONG Energy. 
DONG Energy ensures competitiveness
In a climate partnership, the partners and DONG Energy build a close relation which is of major importance for the cooperation. Consequently, DONG Energy can offer advice based on a profound knowledge of the partner. This will help Egetæpper to keep abreast of the competitors.

"Our climate partnership with DONG Energy contributes to ensuring that we're one step ahead so that we're able to meet the wishes and requirements of the customers, and at the same time make it good business for us. The partnership has enabled us to formulate a vision stating how Egetæpper will handle environmental matters in five and ten years," said Jan Ladefoged.

"DONG Energy's contribution to the development and realisation of Egetæpper's climate strategies is based on several areas," explained Mette Lundgren Beck, Senior Partnership Manager in Customers & Markets.

"The cooperation is based on three areas: A continuous process where we suggest and implement energy savings, document that part of Egetæpper's electricity consumption comes from wind turbines and continuous visualisation of Egetæpper's climate efforts internally and externally."

A climate partnership prepares you for the future
A climate partnership offers a good launch pad for the partners' future climate targets and presents a good opportunity for discussing new opportunities and focus areas on a regular basis.

Jan Ladefoged sees several advantages in connection with the climate partnership with DONG Energy, both now and in future.

"Our continuous focus on CSR has shown that climate considerations and good business go hand in hand and at the same time, we're well prepared for a potential stricter legislation within the energy area," he ended.



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