DONG Energy inaugurates new premises in Esbjerg

16.01.2015 15:30
DONG Energy invests DKK 35 million in new premises in Esbjerg. The premises inaugurated today will be the base for the operation of Horns Rev II Offshore Wind Farm.


 Mikkel Mæhlisen, Director of Operations in Denmark and Germany, Johnny Søtrup, mayor of Esbjerg and Allan Due Overbeck, Head of Horns Rev 2 cuts the ribbon for the new building.


75 per cent of all the wind turbines exported by Danish companies will pass the Port of Esbjerg at some point in time. The harbour which has developed into a metropole for the Danish offshore energy sector can now welcome yet another investment. The 3,500m2 large premises counting three floors will be the workplace for the approximately 30 employees in total who will be working on keeping Horns Rev II spinning.


From the fishing industry to energy

Johnny Søtrup, the mayor of Esbjerg, said:
"Traditionally, fishing has been the most important industry in Esbjerg, but today, 13,500 people are working in 250 energy-related companies in Esbjerg. The harbour and the city have adapted to the change and have transformed their activities from fish to energy and are today global leaders within offshore wind. The harbour is a symbol of the strong energy metropole which we've created together in Esbjerg, and DONG Energy and Horns Rev II represent specific examples."


The Port of Esbjerg is important for DONG Energy

For DONG Energy, the Port of Esbjerg is also important, not least due to Horns Rev II, the 209MW large offshore wind farm which is located approximately 30km west of the spit Blåvands Huk. DONG Energy owns and operates this wind farm.


Apart from being a base for the employees working at Horns Rev II Offshore Wind Farm, the new premises will be used for storage, store room, workshop for minor repairs, administration and monitoring of the wind turbines.


Mikkel Mæhlisen, Director of Operations in Denmark and Germany, said:

"In many ways, the Port of Esbjerg is a hub for us and the offshore wind industry. Components for the vast majority of offshore wind farms constructed in Danish and international waters are shipped from here. Therefore, it was natural for us to invest in contemporary facilities for our employees who work in Esbjerg, from where they'll keep Horns Rev II spinning."


Mæhlisen continued: "I'm extremely pleased that we can now open the doors to the new premises and that in cooperation with the Port of Esbjerg, we've created a unique framework for our future work in the area."


The 3,500m2 large premises have been developed by DONG Energy in cooperation with Niras and has been built by KPC Byg in Herning. Today, the premises are owned by the Danish pension fund PKA Pension and DONG Energy is leasing the premises.