Danish salary and working conditions must be observed

28.05.2014 08:20

​DONG Energy lacks documentation for 3F's allegation concerning underpayment.


The Danish United Federation of Danish Workers (3F) has expressed criticism of the working conditions in connection with DONG Energy's conversion of the crude oil terminal in Fredericia. The conversion takes place as part of the development of the Hejre field in the North Sea. In a comment to 3F's statements that DONG Energy's contractors have not secured the correct salary to Romanian workers, Jens Jakobsson, Vice President, said:


"In our tender material and contracts, DONG Energy stipulates that all types of work must be in compliance with Danish salary and working conditions, and we've ordered our contractors to ensure that the conditions are observed. This is an absolute requirement and we've not seen any documentation supporting 3F's information."


Jakobsson added:
"For some time, we've had a constructive dialogue with 3F, and we're pleased that several subcontractors have entered into an adoption agreement with 3F. Furthermore, all new companies involved in the projects are provided with contact details to the relevant Danish trade union in order to ensure that the salary and working conditions are observed."