Acting on climate change

22.04.2015 14:30

Today, April 22, is International Mother Earth Day this year focusing on how each of us need to act on climate change. As an energy company, we have a huge responsibility.


The IT system Power Hub has helped the Faroe Islands save CO2 and reduce the number of power cuts. Read more about the Power Hub here.

Climate change can seem like a remote problem, but it is not. Reality is that the changes in our climate are already affecting people, animals and places all around the world. The increasing global carbon emissions are a major challenge for the global ecosystems, and 2014 was the warmest year ever registered. The climate need us to act.


The energy sector accounts for about a quarter of Europe's CO2 emissions. In DONG Energy we believe that the need to renew the existing energy supply in a greener direction is the right way to go. In the poster you can see some of the things we do: 



Press the picture to see it in full size.


Today, on International Mother Earth Day, focus is on how we need to act on climate changes. You can follow DONG Energy on Instagram to see a part of what we do to protect the Earth.


What do you see as acting on climate change? Share it on our Instagram with the hashtags #MotherEarthDay, #DONGenergy, #climatechange, #greenenergy, #transformingenergy.