The logo is the core of DONG Energy's visual profile and consists of the name DONG Energy written in a specially designed type. The logo's reciprocal proportions may not be modified.


Free zone and logo dimensions

A free zone is defined around the logo. The free zone indicates the minimum distance to other elements, e.g. photos, texts or other logos.


The free zone is calculated as the height and width of the D in the "DONG Energy" logo.

Logo dimensions 


Logo versions

There are three basic versions of the logo:

  1. Coloured version (positive)
  2. White version (negative)
  3. Black version

The positive and negative versions of the logo are equal versions.
Logo versions

Logo sizes

A5  =  30mm
A4  =  35mm
A3  =  45mm


Positive version: red/black against a white background

The logo may only used against a white background. In the positive version, the logo always appears in Pantone 1795 or the equivalent CMYK definition – C:05 M:100 Y:100 K:05.


Negative version: white against a red background

In the negative version, the white logo must always be placed against a red background. Please note that the free zone and the distance to other elements must be observed.​