High level of energy - all day

In DONG Energy, we believe that employees with a high level of energy and well-being are happier and more motivated. We believe that job satisfaction is a lever to create even better results. Challenging tasks, skilled colleagues and good management is not enough. That is why we want to lead the way as a workplace when it comes to giving our employees the best framework for a daily life with a high level of energy.


Nutritional homemade breakfast, a varied healthy lunch buffet, organic fruit and free entrance to modern fitness centres on all larger locations, opportunities to participate in major sports events and access to custom made apps with tools and inspiration for a daily life with a high level of energy are among the offers that our employees can pick and choose from according to interest. Furthermore, all employees are covered by a health insurance.


Physical health is one thing. Another thing is obtaining mental balance. Because of this, the employee's individual well-being is in focus across the organisation through our health strategy work as well as in the dialogue with the immediate manager. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all, but we believe an open dialogue concerning wishes and needs is a good starting point for a daily life with a high job satisfaction.