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In DONG Energy, we do not only work for sustainable energy for your power sockets. We would like to create a sustainable working life. Where people get the energy to work with what they are passionate about. Without burning out. 

We do not claim to have all the answers to the question on how to do it. But we believe it is one of the major challenges in our modern society.

We believe that good cooperation is essential to a sustainable working life.

Two minds think better than one, and together we can achieve much more than on our own. We create stronger results, better products and more innovative solutions by bringing together different outlooks and competences.

That is why team is a fundamental principle for us. Regardless of area of expertise. Regardless of geography. We keep our finger on the pulse of our cooperation by doing surveys regularly; and we follow up to be able to continuously strengthen it.

On this webpage, you can see what cooperation means to our employees and to athletes in the world of sports. Given that good cooperation is one of the keys to success in the world of sports, we have chosen to support the Danish athletes competing at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this year. 


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