DONG Energy graduate

Challenging assignments, a large network, practical tools, a personal mentor and the opportunity to try out many different tasks are just a few of the many advantages offered to you as part of our two-year graduate programme.
Our graduate programme is ideal for you if you have achieved good academic results and you want to make a difference together with others. The programme offers highly skilled newly graduated professionals a steep learning curve with the opportunity to develop their competences in an international company.



What's in it for you?

Tools, business understanding and network
As a graduate, you will be testing your study programme theory in practice in a programme that is tailored to you on the basis of your interests and competences. The majority of your professional development will take place on a daily basis, when solving assignments together with experienced colleagues. In addition, you will regularly meet the other graduates when you solve challenges, receive training or are inspired by new knowledge, which gives you a valuable network comprising other talented graduates with different educational backgrounds.

The programme

You can apply for a position in the graduate programme if you are a new graduate or have up to one year's work experience. During the two-year programme, you will be assigned to a business unit or a staff function. Here, you will have the chance to try out your professional competences on specific problems and at the same time build up a wide network and learn about teamwork, our business and strategy, problem-solving, personal appearance and change management.

Steep learning curve from start to finish
As a DONG Energy graduate, you are part of a structured training programme that prepares you to make a difference in your future career. You will acquire extensive practical experience and business insight while expanding your toolbox and developing personally.

Tailored for you
The programme is individual and will be tailored to you on the basis of your interests and competences and the needs in your designated area.

We are looking for 25 graduates starting on 1 September 2017.

Please send your application via our list of vacancies.

Deadline for application is 15 January 2017.


You will be assigned a mentor, who is employed in the same business unit as you and who matches your academic background and personal profile. 

The purpose of a mentor is to ensure that you have a neutral sounding board who can help you with any challenges that you may encounter in the course of the programme. Your mentor will support you both professionally and personally throughout your graduate programme and help you design your career based on your own wishes.

Profile and requirements
  • You are newly qualified and have a master's degree with good results

  • It is a requirement that you do not have more than 12 months of relevant work experience

  • You speak and write English fluently

  • You are keen to develop within one of our three career paths: manager, project manager or specialist

  • You have a strong analytical approach and enjoy taking responsibility

  • You have a strong personal drive and a high learning capacity

  • You are a team player and enjoy meeting new people

Recruitment process

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with our company on before you apply. You upload your application online and then receive a confirmation in your mailbox. Remember to make a copy of the job posting, as it will be removed from the website after the application deadline.

The deadline for applying is 15 January 2017. We will then start selecting the right candidates.

As we receive many applications and review them thoroughly, it may take some time before we get back to you. You will hear from us no later than 6th of February 2017.

Graduate day
The graduate assessment day will be held at our office in Gentofte on 9 March 2017. It is an all-day event. If you travel from abroad, we will support you in your transport to the graduate day.

​On the graduate day, you will see presentations from our company, hear about our strategy, participate in a group exercise, meet our graduates and have a personal meeting with the hiring manager.

The interview will be based on the graduate position that you have applied for, and this is where we would like to get to know you better. Make sure that you can make a good case as to why you should be our new graduate and prepare specific examples to support your arguments. 

After the Graduate Day, we will evaluate the candidates again and select the participants in the programme. If you are not offered employment, you will receive a reasoned rejection. 
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​Meet two of our graduates



Anders Larsen ReicheltAnders Larsen Reichelt

​You quickly gain good insight into what you enjoy working with the most, the type of management style you thrive on and how you can help your manager lead you in the best way.

27 years old
MA degree in Business Controlling from University of Southern Denmark
Anders started in Bioenergy & Thermal Power's controlling-department and moved on to the strategy-department in the same business unit. Right now, he is a part of Financial Reporting where he will complete the graduate programme. 

Why did you apply to the graduate programme?
It is a natural extension of my education, and I was already a student assistant in DONG Energy so I knew the company beforehand. The programme gives me the opportunity to be a part of different departments in a short period of time and thereby experience the synergies between the departments. It provides a steep learning curve from start to finish.

What do you gain from being a graduate?
You quickly gain good insight into what you enjoy working with the most, the type of management style you thrive on and how you can help your manager lead you in the best way.

The programme has given me the opportunity to try an area that is only peripherally part of my education. Even though I am financially educated, I got the opportunity to join the strategy department for eight months; and that gave me a new perspective. Today, I would like to continue my career within strategy and strategy implementation. I have a mentor via the programme, and we are already discussing what my next step should be to reach my goals. I doubt I would have figured out so quickly that this is what I want if I had not been part of this programme.

What have you learned from being part of the programme?
Just because you are done with university, it does not mean that you are done with learning. I have benefitted greatly from joining the seminars that were part of the programme. For instance, we learned about efficient problem-solving, which I benefitted from greatly in my daily work life as it gave me a solid toolbox for both solving the daily tasks and larger projects.

The rotations are a great advantage, but you have to be aware that it takes time to enter a new area, and just as you really start to get the hang of it there and gain more responsibility, you are due to switch to a different area. 

My advice to others who are considering applying is simple: Do it! The competition is tough, but just being part of the selection process means that you learn a lot about yourself; something you can benefit from in the future.

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Kristina Bach RoseKristina Bach Rose

The graduate programme constantly challenges your personality and career goals, provides a space for reflection and an opportunity to keep learning more than you would in an 'ordinary' job position.

25 years old
MSc degree in Wind Energy Engineering
Graduate in Wind Power, currently in Substation Project Management.

Why did you apply for the graduate programme?
The graduate programme caught my attention mainly because it gives you the opportunity to experience three different positions within two years. I had been looking for an engineering-intensive company in the wind power industry and a position where I could gain experience with project management. Furthermore, the content in the graduate training modules seemed as a good introduction to a corporate setting, and I found that the extensive network I could gain through the rotations was very appealing.

What do you achieve by being part of the programme?
I get the possibility to fast-track my career by trying out different positions, departments and projects; a priceless experience which also offers the opportunity to create an extensive network throughout DONG Energy. Also, the graduate programme constantly challenges your personality and career goals, provides a space for reflection and an opportunity to keep learning more than you would in an ‘ordinary’ job position.

What have you learned so far by being on the programme?
I have learned a lot about substations, project management, DONG Energy and the industry we operate in - and quite a lot about myself too.

The best so far has been the network that I have gained and which I have already been able to use a lot. I think that a solid network is necessary for anyone and it is no exception when you go from university to a completely new setting. Also, visiting substation manufacturers has been quite an educational and exciting experience!

I would personally encourage anyone who wishes to challenge themselves and fast-track their career to apply for the DONG Energy graduate programme.

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