Student or recent graduate?

Whether you are a student or a recent graduate, there are many opportunities with DONG Energy. You can come to us for work experience at secondary school level or graduate level. You can also write your thesis while working with us or improve your skills through a student job. If you are a recent graduate you can apply to become a DONG Energy graduate and start on a steep learning curve. 

Good networks are important for a good start to your career

​Opportunities for development

DONG Energy would like to help to give your career a good start, so we offer a number of opportunities for both students and recent graduates, in which professional and personal development are a matter of course.


​Good networks

Good networks are important for a good start to your career. That is why we offer our graduates, trainees and student helpers good networking opportunities throughout the organisation. They give you the chance to establish close social relationships and share experiences with others at the same level as you.



DONG Energy graduateDONG Energy graduate

Start your career with exciting challenges and be involved in the transformation to the energy system of the future. You can test your professional skills on real-life projects and problems while optimising your personal and professional skills and ambitions.
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Trainee programmeTrainee programme

As one of our trainees you will receive a varied course of training with opportunities to rotate among various departments. You will acquire a wide knowledge of your specialist area and DONG Energy.
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Student jobsStudent jobs

Student helpers are a really good resource for us. If you get a student job with us, it is because we think you can make a difference and that we can give you something in return to help with your studies.
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If you are on a degree course, you can have the chance to write your thesis at DONG Energy.
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Practical placements for graduate studentsPractical placements for graduate students

We continuously offer practical placements for students on relevant higher education courses. You will have the chance to get to know what it means to be a part of a large Northern European group. You will also get an insight into how we are working on the conversion to green energy.
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