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At DONG Energy we all offer our unique expertise – and listen to, learn from and respect each other's professional competencies and differences, because we know, we can only realise our vision if we work together. Our professional profiles cover a wide range and there are many opportunities. Here you can read a little more about our professional practice areas and meet some of our employees.

Employees having a meeting 

The diversity within our organisation is one of our strengths, and we know that a diverse organisation produces the best results

​Strong competencies within four areas

The majority of our employees work within one of the following four professional practices:

  • Engineering and science

  • Service and plant engineering

  • Sales and support

  • Staff functions and administration​

Follow the energy and learn more about who we are, and what motivates us:



Engineering and scienceEngineering and science

​​In this group, we have engineers from many different areas of specialisation. Their tasks include working on power plants, with offshore wind farms, with planning and operating our electricity networks. From the scientific community we employ biologists, who handle environmental assesments of emerging projects, geologists who explore and produce oil and natural gas, and many other specialists who contribute to the ongoing development and operation of DONG Energy’s projects.

Name: Katrine Heilmann
Education: MSc in Electrical Engineering
Title: HV/MV Engineer
Business Unit: Wind Power

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Name: Willi Christiansen
Education: MSc in Electrical Engineering
Title: Manager
Business Unit: Wind Power

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Name: Henrik Rostgaard
Education: Chemical Engineer
Title: Chemical Engineer
Business Unit: Bioenergy & Thermal Power

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Service and plant engineeringService and plant engineering

We have a wide variety of service engineers, whose tasks include operating and maintaining our electricity grid and outdoor lighting as well as installing customer meters. We have both operations and chief engineers, who are responsible for the operation of our power stations, and various other types of engineers, whose responsibilities include servicing our many offshore wind turbines.

Name: Brian Loldrup Krusegaard
Education: Engineer
Title: Operations Engineer
Business Unit: Bioenergy & Thermal Power

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Sales and supportSales and support

In the sales and support area, we have customer service employees, among others, who cover a full range of customer-oriented tasks. We have sales teams responsible for the sale of electricity and gas to our customers and offering our business customers energy advice. We also have employees who trade in energy on the European energy hubs and exchanges.

Name: Kristian Bülow Jensen
Education: Msc in Economics
Title: Senior Project Manager
Business Unit: Distribution and Customer Solutions

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Staff functions and administrationStaff functions and administration

​​​Within staff functions and administration, we have a broad range of professional profiles, all of which help support the company as a whole. We also have employees in areas such as finance, IT, communications, procurement, HR and legal.

Name: Rasmus Peter Brock Danielsen
Education: MSc in Finance and Strategic Management
Title: Strategy Associate
Business Unit: Group

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Name: Sabine Lohse
Education: MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law
Title: Business Development Analyst
Business Unit: Oil & Gas

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Name: Nadia d'Ippolito
Education: MSc in Applied Economics and Finance
Title: Financial Analyst
Business Unit: Wind Power

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Name: Thomas Kastrup
Education: BSc Electronic Engineering
Title: Lead Enterprise IT Architect
Business Unit: Group

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Name: Jasmin Divargue Raaschou
Education: Bsc Construction, The Graduate Diploma (GradD, Gdip) in Business Administration (HD)
Title: Senior Project Manager
Business Unit: Group

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Name: Jaroslaw Dyduch
Education: PhD in Computer Science, Transportation
Title: Lead IT Architect
Business Unit: Group

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