Where we operate

Where we operate

​A significant part of DONG Energy's production of electricity and district heating takes place at our nine central power stations. All power stations are constantly being developed, maintained and modernised so they produce power and heat as efficiently as possible and with the least amount of environmental impact, while also ensuring cost-effective operation.

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Avedøre Power StationAvedøre Power Station

DONG Energy is among the world leaders in relation to design, construction and operation of efficient and modern power stations. By producing electricity and heat simultaneously, our multi-fuel power station, Avedøre, utilises up to 89 % of the energy in the fuels.

  • Utilises up to 89 % of fuel

  • Higher utilisation gives better use of fuel and less CO2 emissions per kWh

  • Unit 2 on Avedøre Power Station has a multi-fuel system

  • The smoke is purified and gives residuals that are used in, for example plaster, concrete blocks and insulation

The multi-fuel Avedøre Power Station on the outskirts of Copenhagen ranks among the best in the world. The total production capacity for the two blocks on the Avedøre Power Station is 797MW electricity and 932MJ/s heating.

Avedøre Power Station is able to run 100 percent on sustainable biomass. The amount of energy produced at Avedøre Power Station each year depends on weather conditions and fuel prices. Avedøre Power Station expects to produce district heating based on biomass for approximately 215,000 Copenhagen households as well as electricity corresponding to the annual consumption of more than 600,000 households.

Simultaneous heat and electricity generation

By simultaneously generating heat and power the power station reaches record-high fuel efficiencies of up to 89 %. The higher the fuel efficiency, the less fuel is needed per kWh generated, and the less CO2 is emitted per kWh.

The two units on Avedøre Power Station

Avedøre Power Station consists of two power station units: Avedøre 1 and Avedøre 2. From 2015 to 2016, Avedøre 1 was converted making it able to use wood pellets instead of coal. By using combined heat and power generation, the unit is capable of utilising up to 89 % of the fuel's energy content. 

Avedøre 2, from 2001, is a multi-fuel system, which utilises natural gas, oil, straw and wood pellets and can reach fuel efficiencies of up to 89 %. The unit consists of a steam turbine system, a gas turbine system and a straw-fired biomass system. The biomass system has a capacity of 45 MW and takes 25 tonnes of straw per hour.

Utilising by-products

NOx, sulfur dioxide and fly ash are removed from the flue gases before they are released to the atmosphere. This process produces high-quality by-products that are used to make products such as gypsum, concrete blocks and insulating material.


DONG Energy A/S
Hammerholmen 50
DK-2650 Hvidovre
Tel.: 99 55 01 00
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Visit the Avedøre Power Station

If you would like to visit the Avedøre Power Station please contact our visitor's service on telephone
+45 99 55 01 07.

Foreign visitors are welcome by invitation from the Danish authorities.

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Skærbæk Power StationSkærbæk Power Station

Skærbæk Power Station have since 1951 been situated at Skærbæk on the northern side of Kolding Fiord.

Today, the Skærbæk Power Station consists of block 3 from 1997 with a capacity of 392MW electricity and 447MJ/s heating.

At the commissioning in 1997 the Skærbæk Power Station’s unit 3 set the world record of natural gasfired plants with a total efficiency of 49 % at 100 % power production. At combined heat and power production the plant can achieve a total efficiency of 92 % which makes it one of the world’s most efficient power stations.


DONG Energy A/S
Klippehagevej 22
DK-7000 Fredericia
Tel.: 99 55 12 00
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Studstrup Power StationStudstrup Power Station

Since 1968, the Studstrup Power Station is located near Kalø Vig north of Aarhus and has a total capacity of 714MW electricity and 986MJ/s district heating.

The power station has two units - units 3 and 4 – which were put into operation in 1984 and 1985. These have since then been modernized regularly. Today, unit 4 is taken out of day-to-day operation and is held in reserve.


From 2014 to 2016, Studstrup Power Station’s unit 3 was converted making it able to use wood pellets instead of coal. The conversion makes Studstrup Power Station one of the biggest biomass-fuelled power stations in the world. In future, it is expected to produce district heating based on biomass for around 106,000 Danish homes as well as green electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of around 230,000 Danish homes.


DONG Energy A/S
Ny Studstrupvej 14
DK-8541 Skødstrup
Tel.: 99 55 19 00
Fax: 99 55 19 99

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Asnæs Power StationAsnæs Power Station

The Asnæs Power Station near Kalundborg can deliver a total of 782MW electricity and up to 501MJ/s heating.

The first production plant, Asnæs Power Station’s Unit 1, was commissioned in 1961, and in 1981 Asnæs Power Station’s Unit 5 was put into operation. In addition to electricity, the Asnæs Power Station produces district heating for the Municipality of Kalundborg and process steam for the neighbouring enterprises Statoil, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes.

Asnæs Power Station uses coal as its main fuel. Oil is the reserve fuel.


DONG Energy A/S
DL-Asnæsvej 16
4400 Kalundborg
Tel.: 99 55 06 00
Fax: 99 55 06 99

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Esbjerg Power StationEsbjerg Power Station

Since 1992 Esbjerg Power Station has been operating from Amerikavej at Esbjerg harbour.

Unit 3’s 250-metre high chimney, the tallest in Denmark, makes the power station a distinct landmark at the quay in Esbjerg. In 2004 the power station’s environmental facilities were extended with a DeNOx facility for nitrogen oxide removal.

The total capacity of the Esbjerg Power Station is 371MW electricity and 460MJ/s heating. The power station primarily uses coal to produce electricity and district heating.


DONG Energy A/S
Amerikavej 7
Postboks 508
DK-6700 Esbjerg
Tel.: 99 55 17 00
Fax: 99 55 17 99

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H. C. Ørsted Power StationH. C. Ørsted Power Station

​H. C. Ørsted Power Station, situated at Sydhavnen in Copenhagen, was commissioned in 1920 and was at that time the largest power station in Denmark.

Coal was its key source of fuel until 1994 when it was converted into a gas-fired power station. Today the power station’s primary task is to supply district heating to the Greater Copenhagen district-heating network.

The total effect is 98MW electricity and 513MJ/s district heating.

H. C. Ørsted Power Station formerly had a B&W diesel engine from 1932 with a 12 MW generator. The engine was special because it could start up using a "dead" high-voltage electricity grid and then energize the power station’s other facilities. The engine is now on display at "DieselHouse", the museum connected to the power station.

Read more about the museum DieselHouse


DONG Energy A/S
H. C. Ørsted Power Station
Energiporten 1
DK-2450 København SV
Tel.: 99 55 03 00
Fax: 99 55 03 99

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Herning Power StationHerning Power Station

The Herning Power Station is situated in the southern part of Herning and has undergone several changes since its construction in 1982.

Originally a coal-fired plant, it was in 2000 converted to a natural gas-fired plant. The plant was rebuilt again in 2002, this time to be mainly fuelled with wood chips. Finally, in 2009, it was rebuilt to a 100 % CO2-neutral production based on biomass fuels.

The plant produces 88MW of power and 171MJ/s of district heating, and is able to burn wood chips and wood pellets, with natural gas as reserve fuel. Wood chips make up about 70 % of Herning Power Station fuel while wood pellets represented approx. 30 %. The Herning Power Station is therefore Denmark’s largest chips-based plant and annually burns approx. 280-300,000 tonnes of wood chips and approx. 60-70,000 tonnes of wood pellets.


DONG Energy A/S
Miljøvej 6
DK-7400 Herning
Tel.: 99 55 16 60
Fax: 99 55 16 99

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Kyndby Power StationKyndby Power Station

Kyndby Power Station in Hornsherred is the emergency and peak load facility for Zealand. This means the facilities at Kyndby Power Station can be started up within minutes if operational irregularities occur in the high voltage electricity grid or problems arise at other power stations.

​The power station operates a 734MW capacity, distributed on five different production units, the largest being two oil-fired steam power units – peak load facilities each having a capacity of 260MW. Two oil-fired gas turbine units of 63MW each constitute the remaining peak load facilities at Kyndby Power Station. Finally Kyndby Power Station controls a 70MW gas turbine, which is situated at Masnedø CHP plant.


DONG Energy A/S
Kyndbyvej 90
3630 Jægerspris
Tel.: 99 55 08 00
Fax: 99 55 08 99

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Svanemølle Power StationSvanemølle Power Station

Svanemølle Power Station is situated at Nordhavnen in Copenhagen and was previously a coal-fired CHP plant but was converted to natural gas and oil firing in 1985.

In 1995 two old generations were replaced by a gas turbine called unit 7. Today the power station is a modern CHP plant whose primary task is to supply district heating to the Greater Copenhagen district-heating network.

The net installed capacity of the plant will then be a total of  approx. 220 MJ/s heat.


DONG Energy A/S
Lautrupsgade 1
2100 København Ø
Tel.: 99 55 04 00
Fax: 99 55 04 49

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Enecogen power stationEnecogen power station

​In a joint venture between DONG Energy and the Dutch energy company Eneco, we own the gas-fired Enecogen power station in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The power station has the capacity to supply more than 1.4 million households with electricity. It became operational in 2011.

The gas-fired power station has a capacity of 870 MW. It is one of the most efficient gas-fired power stations in Europe with an efficiency of 59 %. Gas-fired power stations generally emit significantly less CO2 than coal-fired stations.

Read more about Enecogen Power station


Enecogen Power Station
Markweg 194
3198 NB Rotterdam
Harbour 6337

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