What we do


DONG Energy employees

At DONG Energy, we want to lead the transformation towards the energy system of the future

DONG Energy's power stations are an important part of the Danish energy system and they are some of the most efficient and flexible in the world, partly on account of combined electricity and district heat generation. They supply electricity and heat to our customers and contribute to supporting the transformation to renewable energy in the energy system of the future. We are converting production at selected Danish power stations from coal to biomass.



Electricity and heat to our customers

​We sell the electricity we produce on the European electricity exchanges. We sell the heat we produce, which represents 26% of Danish district heat consumption, to district heating supply companies in Denmark. The power stations also supply power and other services to the electricity grid through Energinet.dk, which is responsible for security of supply in Denmark.

Interaction between several units

In order for wind energy to form part of a reliable energy supply, our power stations must be able to switch between high and low production, depending on the volume of electricity from wind and solar power and total electricity consumption. In conjunction with the tie-ups with other countries, our power stations must be capable of taking over electricity production as soon as the wind drops or when electricity consumption exceeds electricity production from renewable energy sources. The tie-ups with other countries are the interconnectors linking Denmark with Germany, Norway and Sweden that allow us to import and export electricity, depending on supply and demand.

Conversion of production at our power stations

At DONG Energy, we want to lead the transformation towards the energy system of the future and we are working to supply clean and reliable energy. This is significant for our power stations' future role in the energy system and their production methods. We are converting part of our production by replacing coal and gas with wood pellets, wood chips and other biomass products. The target is for biomass to account for 60 % of production from Danish power stations by 2020.

New energy technologies

Bioenergy & Thermal Power is investing in new energy technologies such as biorefining or waste refining. This is an important future growth area that we call New Bio Solutions. We are focusing on two unique technologies: Inbicon and REnescience, which use biomass and waste to achieve cleaner energy.