How we work

How we work

Bioenergy & Thermal Power focuses on safety, quality and the environment and works intensively to create a zero accident culture. We constantly strive to improve the way we work, aiming to integrate our safety culture in our approach to all of our tasks.



Safety means prevention

We want to minimise the risks inherent in a task by assessing the risks and analysing and planning the task in advance. Everyone who works at our plants must first attend a safety course so that they know what we expect of them in the performance of their work and our attitude to conduct and safety. We also record incidents where things could have gone wrong, as well as proposals for improving safety. In this way, we constantly enhance our ability to prevent accidents.

We work in a structured manner on process safety to build up an integrated safety culture that helps reduce process and quality incidents efficiently and cost-effectively before they develop into consequences for personal safety, plant safety or the surrounding environment.

Major focus on quality

Our production plants are complex. It is important for them to be in a state of readiness when there is a demand so that our customers can always receive the electricity and heat they need. We try constantly to push the boundary to achieve higher efficiency and higher flexibility. The transition from coal to sustainable biomass is a challenge for our plants, placing great demands on the design, operation and maintenance of the CHP plants.

We want to minimise our impact on the environment

Besides avoiding accidents and unintended environmental impacts, we work concertedly to reduce our impact on the environment. Our power stations are among the best in the world and we emit 30 % less CO2 per kWh generated than an average coal-fired power station. We are also in the process of replacing coal with biomass, which will reduce emissions further.

Sustainable Biomass Partnership's (SBP) certification system will in practice will be responsible for the supervision and certification of DONG Energy’s suppliers.
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Our vision is to lead the energy transformation by supplying reliable energy that is green, independent and cost-effective

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