DONG Energy may conduct the final round of price negotiations for a tender by means of an e-auction in Scanmarket. In an e-auction, the tenderers compete directly against each other and without any interference from DONG Energy. For the duration of an e-auction the tenderers are able to adjust their prices downward continuously. The individual tenderer's ranking is indicated at all times, and will change continuously and in real time according to the tenderer's bids in the e-auction.


Benefits of e-auction use for the tenderer include:

  1. Fair and transparent price negotiation process

  2. Market insight for tenderers due to live feedback on price level

  3. Timesaving compared to traditional price negotiations


If you are participating in a tender, where DONG Energy intends to conduct final price negotiations by means of an e-auction, you will receive information regarding the e-auction and preparation/training opportunities at least two business days ahead.