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  • DONG Energy has worked to realise the extensive construction project since being awarded the concession in 2010.

  • On New Year's Eve 2011, at 19.00 hours: the rest of Denmark was gathered for their celebrations. Meanwhile, the installation vessel, Svanen, hammered a foundation pile into the seabed and commenced construction activities in the Kattegat. By 27 July 2012, all foundations were in place.

  • In June 2012, cable-laying vessels commenced work laying the connecting cables on the seabed between the substation and the 111 foundations. By 12 September – three weeks ahead of schedule, all cables were in place.

  • On 5 December, technicians reported that all cables were ready and, shortly afterwards, on 13 December 2012, all 111 installations were energised and connected to the Danish electricity grid.

  • Wind turbine installation activities commenced on 1 September 2012, and the first turbine was erected on 3 September.

  • Anholt Offshore Wind Farm will have a total capacity of 400MW, which means that it will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm.

  • The wind farm is being erected by DONG Energy, which owns 50 per cent. The remaining 50 per cent is co-owned by PensionDanmark (30 per cent) and PKA (20 per cent).

  • The overall production for 2012 was 31.5GWh corresponding to the annual electricity consumption of 7,875 households. This was possible even though the first wind turbine in the array only started production on 21 September 2012.