DONG Energy has the 'Danish Safety Manager of the Year'

About security in DONG Energy

DONG Energy's security guards do lots of different jobs, such as:Checking doors, windows, locks, turning off lights, etc, acting as VIP body guards, guards at the reception desk, after-hours security inspection, gate keepers, hoisting flags, checking ID cards, supervision inspection, parking attendants, receiving mail packages, etc.
A new guard agreement will be implemented as of 1 January 2013. The agreement is made with Securitas A/S.-
DONG Energy holds the administrative responsibility for TV monitoring (ITV) Denmark. DONG Energy also offers central monitoring of the parts of the organisation that are not able to organise this internally, or where it is possible to achieve synergy effects.
Several of the major power stations and locations in Denmark have a permanent gate keeper, like for instance Gentofte and Virum in the Greater Copenhagen area where there is a permanent guard 24 hours a day.
DONG Energy carries out risk assessments and determines security levels for our own premises.

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