Wind turbine type (Siemens)
3.6 MW
Total output of the wind farm
90 MW
Expected annual output 315,000,000 kWh
Rotor diameter 107m
Hub height 83.5m
Weight, nacelle 125 tonne
Weight, rotor 95 tonne
Weight, tower 180 tonne
Weight, foundation 400 tonne
Total weight per wind turbine 800 tonne
Length of monopile 52m
Cut-in wind speed 4m/s
Full power output from 14m/s
Cut-out wind speed 25m/s
Mean wind speed at 84m
height >9m/s
Depth of water 2-8m at lowest tide
Distance from shore 7km
Distance between wind turbines 530-720m
Wind farm area 10km2